Cannabis Harvest and Post-Harvest Supplies

We offer a wide range of the most common cannabis business supplies. Supplies to keep your environment sterile like disposable shoe and hair covers, or supplies like filtration masks and nitrile gloves to help with handing and processing. We stock many other items that ship same day, such as trimmers for, well, trimming. Grinders for grinding. Lighters and torches for any type of consumer. Humidity control packs to preserve freshness.

We have you covered when it comes to the everyday, little things needed to operate efficient and cost effective. Keep staff equipped with the necessary supplies to keep product fresh, hands clean, germs away, and allergies at bay.

Send us a message if you want to get a quote to customize a product. Or, if you prefer human interaction, call us at (877) 420-5636 to speak with a live customer representative.